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Laser Dog Ear Cropping

Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital is proud to offer you the most comprehensive, high-quality, laser ear cropping in Orlando. We are focused on providing the safest dog ear-cropping surgery available. Our laser ear cropping results in a much better experience for your dog than traditional ear cropping. There will be virtually no bleeding when we perform laser surgery. This is critical when dealing with puppies. By undergoing laser surgery, your pup will experience far less pain & swelling than with traditional surgery and even recover faster.

 Years of Experience
We are committed to creating a positive experience for you and your pet, from start to finish. Our trusted surgeons have been doing laser ear cropping for years. They have learned that careful attention to detail and post-operative infection control by highly qualified and trained staff is the key to a positive outcome.

 Outstanding Success Rate
We are proud to say that our doctors have never experienced any major complications or complaints related to our laser ear-cropping service. We have an exceptional record of producing attractive standing ears with a 99% success rate of both ears standing properly, as long as owners have followed the post-surgical guidelines. Special care of the cropped ears post-surgery is required in order to have the most successful outcome.

 At what age should I crop my puppy’s ears?
The ideal age depends on the breed and texture of ear cartilage. In general, we recommend this procedure at 9 – 11 weeks for best results. Contact us to inquire about the appropriate age for your dog to undergo this surgery.

 Should I have my puppy’s ears cropped?
This is your personal decision. It is important to note that as an elective cosmetic procedure, dog ear cropping is not right for everyone. We recommend consulting with our surgeons if you are unsure and need to learn more. A discussion with the doctor will give you the opportunity to learn the pros and cons of ear cropping. From there you will be able to make the best decision for your new puppy.